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The collection of crew lists assembled here are from the 1959 to 1970 "Review and Clansman Magazines" and are primarily for ex-British & Commonwealth seafarers who may wish to see the names of those with whom they sailed with during those heydays of British merchant shipping.

From 1960 onwards the magazines were published bi-monthly in; February, April, June, August, October, and December, of each year.

Each magazine consisted of two to five pages of crew lists which make up the bulk of this website. Unfortunately for the years 1959, 60 and 61 few magazines are available and hence the crew lists for the years in question are somewhat sparse!

In addition to the crew lists I have added some miscellaneous content from each of the magazines, in the main they consist of an assortment of pictures, wedding photographs and articles that may be of interest to some viewers of this website.

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September 2014.

I wish to extend my thanks to Peter Japp ex-(Senior Mechanic) SA Vaal who kindly submitted the crew lists from his October 1970 copy of the "Clansman Magazine" for adding to this website, together with some interesting snips.

The links to the miscellaneous content are currently not working. The problem is being investigated, hopefully it will be resolved soon.



Submitted by Greg Oliver who quotes:

I served on the Clan MacClaren from Jan 63 to Sept 63 and it lists incorrectly the master as being WJ Freestone, in fact I served with him on four previous trips on the Clan Macaulay. The master of the Clan MacClaren was R.B.Linsley.

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